Do You Have Medical Coding Experience? Work From Home at LexiCode!

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So What Now?

You’re ready to make the leap into the kind of work that most people daydream about. You’re excited and happy that you are about to be done with the daily grind and the politics that your job brings every day! We have an amazing job opportunity to tell you about that you’ll love to do from your home office or even from the comfort of your couch. Keep reading to learn what it is and how you can get started today!

LexiCode is Looking for Medical Coders

LexiCode is a company that provides healthcare payers and providers with consulting and coding services. They are currently searching for medical coders who can work from their own home to fill a number of positions within the company.

What is Pay?

The pay for medical coders is hourly; however, it can vary by each position.

Schedule: LexiCode is looking for both part-time and full-time positions to be filled.

What are the Responsibilities of a Medical Coder?

Medical coders will provide emergency department coding to the clients they work with. They will review the medical records they are given and assign codes to them. A coder will pull out the proper information from the medical records they are given, based on the guidelines given to them by their client. They will be able to meet all productivity and accuracy expectations they are given.

A medical coder will also code any outpatient records, resolve edits that may arise by placing any proper modifiers and review and correct any payer coding edits that can occur during the claims review process.

To be eligible for a medical coding position, applicants must have the following:

• CPC or COC from the American Academy of Professional Coders or RHIA, RHIT, CCS or CCS-P from the American Health Information Management Association

• Past experience with the different types of medical coding

• A year or more of coding experience

• A high-speed internet connection at home

Are there Benefits?

LexiCode offers benefits to their coders. These benefits will depend on the position taken, but can include:

Opportunities to continue your education

Bonuses for referrals

Flexible scheduling

Incentive plan for productive workers

Equipment necessary to do the job, including a computer with dual monitors

Paid holidays and paid time off for full-time positions

401(k) retirement plan for full-time positions

Dependent day care accounts and health care spending for full-time positions

Are you ready to start living the dream? Does a medical coding position sound perfect for you? If so, choose LexiCode and find the job that fits your needs. Click here to find the original job listings to get started!