Google Set To Hire 10,000 Employees To Clean Out YouTube

Google is out on a mission to clear up Youtube by hiring over ten thousand people to review all of the videos that are on the popular website. The company is taking this step to weed out all the content that may cause any amount of emotional distress to communities, that propagates unjust rulings, and which is unethical in general. The plan to clear up the site is not only limited to the videos published, but also the comments that are on videos that may or may not be restricted. Google is also planning to roll out new policies with regards to their advertisers as well, to make the video sharing platform more user-friendly and cleaner.

The aim of Google is to employ these people by mid-2018, to have a full roster of people working to clean up the site and remove content that would be violating any of the policies that Youtube has put forward. The current policies that Google has in place will also be updated in the future and will be stricter than the regular policies that they have. This will make it so that videos won’t be able to find loopholes to upload restricted and offensive content. The problem of violations on Youtube is an extremely prevalent one, and with no proper force to monitor the work 24x7, it has made it harder for Youtube to set appropriate regulations. This, however, is likely to change with the introduction of this new hiring process, which will make the process of narrowing down on offensive content significantly easier.

The decision to carry out this hiring process came after Youtube started experiencing a significant surge of offensive and inappropriate content, and the number of reports on these offensive videos is increasing day by day. With these numbers rising every day, Google decided that it was time for them to take action and rectify the situation by establishing a firm policy that disallowed these videos from being made available to the public.

Over the past six months, employees at Google were entrusted with the job of clearing up space, after a number of controversial videos started appearing there. These videos caused an incredible amount of backlash among the Youtube community and created a stir which led to the company deciding regulating the site. Because of the backlash on these videos, a lot of the sponsors that were showcasing their ads on the website pulled out, causing the site to lose a significant amount of money. Brands like Etihad Airways and Marriott decided to conclude their advertisement deal with Youtube after their videos were being showcased on the video of a hate preacher on the site. Brands did not want to be associated with this kind of videos, which is why they decided to end the deal altogether.

Etihad Airways, for example, had issued a statement claiming that they were appalled by the content of the videos and were deeply disturbing and hurt the sentiments of the company and the people who they serve. The statement also included an appeal to the owners of Google to set in place a regulatory system that could prevent such videos on the site, which was what led to the company employing these measures. Google hopes that the brands and sponsors who had pulled out as a result of these videos will come back after the clean up has commenced. Deliveroo, which is another brand that recently pulled out of the deal stated that they did not want to be associated with such kind of content, nor do they want their customers and viewers to be subjected to these videos.

In addition to employing people to remedy the situation, Google also aims to improve the technology on their site and implement a machine learning system which can detect and flag videos for any inappropriate content. The machine learning systems have already sprung into action, and have been successful in removing over a million inappropriate videos from the site. Seeing the success of the technology that they implemented, Google is aiming to tighten the strings on the content to remove almost anything that could remotely be seen as offensive or inappropriate to make the site more user-friendly.